The GlobaleDocs concept

The constant handling of books, forms, licenses and revisions, is a demanding and time consuming task for any airline. At all times, you need to know that every revision is installed in place and available to all relevant employees across your entire operation.

GlobaleDocs was designed specifically for Airline and Aviation operations. All your books, documents and revisions that need constant updating, and distrubution to employees, are easily integrated with a user friendly line of products, that operate seamlessly behind the scene.

This allows non expert users to achieve expert results.

In two separate IOSA reviews of an airline using the eDocs system, the airline received an "OUTSTANDING AUDIT REPORT", and the result was directly attributed to the GlobaleDocs system!  The concept behind GlobaleDocsanswers the exact requirements of IATA, which means a more effective, transparent and accurate operation under the existing regulations.

Recent developments in Cloud Computing enabled us to offer the GlobaleDocs service in the most secure, updated and effective method.

The adaptation of GlobaleDocs into a cloud computing solution, has gained recognition for technological innovation, as acknowledged by RED HAT, the world's Open Source leader; GlobaleDocs was amongst only 6 companies selected by RED HAT to its newly announced 'Innovate program'.

Read Why use GlobaleDocs to learn how GlobaleDocs can help your operation.


The company

GlobaleDocs brings you over 10 years' experience in aviation related eBooks management systems, to both military and civil aviation operations.

Recent developments in Cloud Computing enabled GlobaleDocs to enhance its core system, and offer its books and documentation management system ONLINE.

GlobaleDocs has set a long term goal to ease Airlines' control of documentation. The current system was built with foresight and flexibility, to evolve with other modules that are currently in development stages.


Our team

Captain Hagay Goffer – Founder and CEO.  Hagay is the founder and system architect of GlobaleDocs. Hagay is a former IAF fighter pilot, and currently operates as Captain with a commercial Airline, having Boeing 75/767, Airbus 330/320 (Captain and Instructor) and ATR42 licenses, and over 10,000 flight hours.  Since the concept inception in the 1990's, Hagay has continued to improve and extend the eDocs architecture.

Ofir Baron – Partner and brand manager. Ofir brings vast experience in brand and product management, and has managed the seed investment for GlobaleDocs

Lt. Commander (Ret.) Ofer Green - Director Strategic Alliances. Ofer brings both Flight and Commanding experience, as former (2 times) squadron commander in the IAF, as well as executive experience as CEO of Israir Airlines, an IATA member airline. Under Ofer's leadership, the airline has gone through a successful total fleet renovation. Today Ofer is the General Manager of Sales of Nestle Israel.

Eyal (Allan) Weiss – EVP Business Development & Marketing. Eyal brings over 15 years' experience in Business Development across industries, with a focus on strategic planning and competitive intelligence. Eyal holds a BA in Economics & Management, and has a modest experience of several hundred flight hours.

Yoram Sela – Chief Marketing Officer. Over the last 20 years, Yoram held senior consulting and executive roles, dealing with business strategy and management, risk management, security and loss prevention, mainly with airports and the civil aviation industry. Before joining GlobaleDocs, Yoram was a managing partner at ICTS Global Mexico, serving also the retail and public health sectors. Yoram holds Engineering and MBA degrees.

Nicole Hen - Implementation and Support. Nicole brings over 10 years experience in various positions in airline operations. An Internationally certified Dispatch officer, Nicole handles the eDocs-Aero™ implementation stage and client support.