A fully customized, ready to use, operational website for your Airline

The concept behind a professional literature management system, is to provide your company with a single, centralized place to concentrate ALL your literature and up-to-date professional materials, while providing secure access to all employees, from any location. This ensures that each employee will always use the most recent procedures (latest revision), and will have all the data he/she needs, anytime.

Implementing eDocs-Aero provides your company with its own website, with your own logo and color theme. The website is a "digital tree", on which you can add "branches" of professional literature, including forms, licenses, presentations, instructional videos and more. The system is designed so that each book or file uploaded to the system, needs to be registered in orderly manner, by identifying parameters. The end result is an automated master revision status page, where all the revision statuses are visible.

Your website will be managed by an administrator, assigned by your airline. The administrator can assign full or limited access to operations managers, who in turn manage their operation (air crews, maintenance, etc.) as sub-administrators.

Registering employees (access accounts) to the system is done by departmental grouping, or any classification set by the company. Each employee is assigned a user name and password. This provides access to view contents in line with his/her authorization, or the group authorization to which he/she belongs.

Upon entering the system, the employee is welcomed by the messages board. These are either administrative messages, or obligatory Read-&-Sign messages. The latter can include an attached file, e.g. presentation, or a link. The employee has to sign to approve receiving the message, and all signatures are documented.

The eDocs-Aero features;

  • A Cloud Computing service – ne need for software installation, servers, memory space, backup or maintenance!

  • Broadband access is adjusted to your activity, to ensure optimal dataflow

  • Secured by the strictest standards, and completely separate from data of other companies

  • Practically no limitation on file size⃰ and file type for uploads (⃰default size limit is 100mb per file. Contact us if you need more space)

  • No limit on the number of web pages you can create, and no limit on the number of files you can upload on each page

  • The interface is designed so that no special experience or skills are needed. The management interface is friendly, transparent and flexible

  • On the user side, displays are clear and understandable. Any desired data can be reached within 3-4 clicks!

  • The system contains an internal search engine

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Getting Started - It's easy
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