eDocs Editor

"Word" Add-in for Aviation Docs. Hundreds of licenses sold around the world!

The eDocs Editor is a revolutionary editor, which allows you to easily produce professional literature (used extensively by airlines).

A professional book is characterized by several features, such as EASA MLR.100 Standard);

  • Regulated table of contents
  • Each page has its own heading and subheading
  • Revisions are numbered and have corresponding date
  • Professional page numbering
  • List of effective pages

Creating all this with a traditional word processor is practically impossible.

The eDocs editor makes all this possible, and easy, by providing Addin to your "Word" that makes your "Word" Documents, MLR.100 fully compatible.;

  • •Use your own company Template – for producing manuals.
    •Full Revision & Date control for even a single page.
    •Professional pages numbering.
    •Automated List of Effective Pages.
    •Automated Revision control
    •Marking changes.
    •Table of content.
    •Producing a full Manual with all Chapters in one single File.
    •Enabling “Introduction” chapter, before chapter “0”.
    •Appendix control.
    •Use all the benefits of Microsoft Word.

Since the book is created using Microsoft Word - it is very easy to take your existing Manuals, and make them an eDoc.

The eDocs editor will guarantee that all chapters will have the same look and logic.

Your book can be published as a PDF document, to be used online, or as a printed version. When printing, the file automatically puts the correct pages as odd pages.


Before you know it, with the eDocs editor you will be an expert in creating professional books.

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