Q: What does "cloud computing" or "cloud based service" mean?

A: Cloud computing is a convenient and cost effective way of using computing resources (like software, memory space or backup services) as a service, and not as products. In a simplified example, think about using electricity: you don't need a generator, current stabilizers or a power distribution network – you just connect to the electrical grid. In the same way, the "cloud" is a network of shared resources, which provide computing solutions to various clients, who don't need to buy hardware, software, memory space, or employ professionals to operate and maintain the system. You may also find this short video helpful.

Q: How do I start building my Airline's website?

A: Very easily! The GlobaleDocs system is very easy to understand and implement. To begin with, your initial system will include some structured content, so you can navigate and understand the structure immediately. This content can be deleted, edited or modified, as you wish. Moreover, the system includes not only comprehensive manuals, but also quick-start VIDEO tutorials, which show you exactly how to start building your own website.

Q: Are the different modules purchased separately?

A: No. The three modules (the operational eDocs Online / eDocs Offline, as well as the eDocs Editor), are all included in your operational solution.

Q: How do I know my information is secure?

A: The GlobaleDocs system is hosted on the Amazon Cloud (AWS), recognized as one of the world's leading cloud services provider. The AWS provides the highest data security standards; PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, HIPAA, and SAS 70 Type II. For further information please visit the AWS Security page. Moreover, the entire website (your system) runs on a secure SSL/TLS protocol. This is an encrypted communications protocol, usually used for billing and internet transactions, but the GlobaleDocs systems runs exclusively under this strict protocol.

Q: Do I need to save or backup my eDocs system data?

A: No. A great benefit of cloud computing means that all your data is stored and backed on highly secure and stable servers. The AWS cloud (used by GlobaleDocs) has a 99.95% uptime, and your data is backed up on regular basis.

Q: Where can I get support?

A: For operational issues, please refer to the comprehensive manuals, readily available to download on our website (under the 'Support' tab). In any other issue, or need for support, please email us at support@globaledocs.com. We guarantee a reply within 24 hours.

Q: If I choose to leave after my free 30 days trial, what happens to the data I entered?

A: Your data remains intact and secure, in accord with the privacy policy and terms of use. The data will remain on our serves for an additional 60 days, should you choose to return and keep using the system. However, after 60 days (total 90 days from registration), the data will be erased.

Q: What if my operational needs grew, or are just slightly higher than the package I'm using?

A: If you feel you need a few more licenses (for messaging, offline units or editors), we are happy to provide these with NO extra charge. Of course, should you need even more licenses, or memory space, we could offer you a customized subscription based on your exact needs. Please contact support@globaledocs.com for assistance.

Q: Why are there only 4 columns per page?

A: The structure of the eDocs system is based on many years of aviation operations experience. We believe the current structure of the system, with 4 "data trees" per page, is the optimal for any operation. Additional 'trees' per page would make it dense and harder to use effectively. However, there is NO limit on the number of pages you can create!

Q: Do I still need to keep hard copies (printed copies) of our literature and documents?

A: You need to keep copies or older versions in accord to the applicable regulations relating to your operation. The GlobaleDocs system does not replace your documents; rather it is an effective documentation management system, for the dispersion, updates and availability of these documents across your operation.

Q: Did the eDocs system go through any third party review?

A: Yes. In two separate IOSA reviews of an airline using the eDocs system, the airline received an "OUTSTANDING AUDIT REPORT", and the result was directly attributed to the eDocs system!  The concept behind GlobaleDocs answers the exact requirements of IATA, which means a more effective, transparent and accurate operation under the existing regulation.

In the aspect of technological innovation, GlobaleDocs was recently acknowledged by RED HAT, the world's Open Source leader, and selected by RED HAT to its newly announced 'Innovate program'.

Q: We are not members in IATA. Why are these standards relevant to our airline?

A: Any airline complies with local and global regulations. IATA standards and regulations aim to assist airlines in operating safely, securely, efficiently and economically under clearly defined rules. Thus, even without active membership, any airline can benefit from following the IATA rules, to its own benefit. The concept behind GlobaleDocs supports that mission, by providing airlines with the most effective and crucial tool in following regulations: keeping an ever updated and accessible documentation system.

Q: How long has the GlobaleDocs system been on the market?

A: The eDocs system was implemented and operated at several airlines, and has more than 10 years of operational expertise. Veteran systems were custom tailored for specific clients' demands. Recent developments in cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service), have enabled us to build a revised system, that can now be used and customized by airlines around the world, as an Internet based service. Thus, the GlobaleDocs solution you implement is a new and innovative delivery of a veteran and proven product (see also IOSA review in this section).

More questions? Feel free to contact us at support@globaledocs.com .