Why use GlobaleDocs?

An Airline is primarily measured by its literature!

The professional literature is the foremost expression of how a company functions according to regulations.

Build a more efficient operation by having a faster and easier management of ALL your documentation needs: all the literature, manuals, documents, circulars and revisions are readily available to your employees at all times, and are always updated. This allows for effective operation and standing up to regulations, at all times.

Lower operational costs derive not only by the faster operation, and the zero tolerance in documentation management, but also because the GlobaleDocs service is provided as a web based service. Compared to purchasing expensive software, which needs constant updating, setup fees and your own servers and memory space, GlobaleDocs is provided for a low monthly cost, which includes all the memory space, backup, security and updates you need to keep your operation at top performance.  

By 2012, additional services will be added to the core system, such as iPad and Android applications, and an innovative training / worthiness module.

What is GlobaleDocs?

GlobaleDocs is a cloud based software solution, providing a transparent solution for your own operational website, into which you upload all your professional literature, licenses and forms, virtually with no volume limit. The custom designed website allows you to adjust it to your needs, but it is always maintained in accord with Aviation standards.

The GlobaleDocs system is designed so that any document, or any message, can be reached in 3-4 clicks, intuitively and with no need for search queries. Yet, the system also includes a smart-search option, which anticipates and assists in search results before you click.

The GlobaleDocs system allows each employee a secure access, to view the most recent and updated documentation, relevant to his position. Your administrator can easily determine which sections are visible to which employees. The system further includes a smart authorization system, which enables decentralization of responsibility to managers and team leaders, and complete control of content distribution.

The method for uploading literature compels you to properly register each document, according to regulations. The result is a full and updated inventory of the entire content.

The GlobaleDocs system resides on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. The AWS servers are renowned for their 99.95% reliability rate, provide bandwidth on demand (so your website will always get the speed it needs), and your operational materials will never get lost – the system provides automatic backup, at all times. The AWS cloud is secured at PCI Standard, assuring privacy and discretion. 

Read and Sign module

Your website includes a messaging module, which is essentially organizational email. To make things easier, there is a partitioning for administrative messages and Read-and-Sign messages.

The Read-and-Sign messaging allows for follow-up and resending notices as needed.

The administrative messaging system allows any employee to send massages to any other employee across the company. All types of attachments and media can be included.

The sender can also instruct the system to send copies to the employees' private (or other company) email address, so the employees are always updated.

Offline work module

GlobaleDocs contains an Offline version, to be installed on laptop computers (or e-Pads), and allows full website browsing in offline mode. A smart-sync feature updates the version every time the unit is connected to the network.

The administrator can decide which files can be viewed in offline mode, to reduce download times. He can also view the update status of each offline unit. Files and messages can be sent to offline units, and their receipt can be notified to sender.

eDocs Editor

The eDocs Editor is a Professional Literature editor.

While there are numerous editing solutions in use, and surely you use at least one with proficiency (e.g. Word or Frame maker), we developed the eDocs Editor to do what YOU NEED: the writing and editing of Professional Literature*.

Right as you start, a file is automatically generated to include all the pages needed in professional literature:

  1. Cover
  2. CAA approval
  3. Distribution
  4. Revision registration
  5. Temporary Revision (TR) registration
  6. List of valid pages
  7. General Index (in addition to detailed indexing in each chapter)

You only need to add the content. The system produces these pages, and always keeps proper odd page numbers, for printing convenience.

Your eDocs Editor allows you full control over revisions and changes, with a clear distinction between value changes and mere design changes.

In addition, the system automatically produces the top title, containing chapter details, page and revision number, with no need for editor interference.

The editor's array of features is available in user friendly and clearly understood menus.

The end result is a PDF file, suitable for network usage or printing.

* What distinguishes Professional Literature:

  1. internal numbering structure, which allows for page replacements and page additions without needing to change the book structure
  2. the execution, follow-up, management and marking of updates, which is relevant down to single pages
  3. General book indexing and detailed chapter indexing
  4. list of valid pages